Your KK Experience

SShhhhhh, don't tell anyone, exclusive to all Dark Star's & Killing Kitten Members ... a very special treat.

As a celebration of our ongoing collaboration with Killing Kittens and the many sexy soiree's organised this summer, we're excited to offer you the chance to acquire one of our most versatile items at a unique price. A piece that could be worn to the French Retreat, Summer Ball or any one of their Elite Parties....not forgetting Ibiza !

Our Classic scarf can be worn in a multitude of ways that will easily take you from day to evening. Complimenting any outfit from a cool bikini set, wrapped around your favourite LBD to nothing but glass of champagne and a smile ! 

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Just imagine...You're adorned with a Mask, you buckle the leather collar around your neck as 3 meters of sheer silk fall to the floor. 

Carefully wrapping lengths around your body to ensure your breasts are enclosed with a slight glimmer of nipple, feeling sexy yet appropriately covered. Securing the scarf around your waist, bow at back and suitably creating a ‘Bustle’ for a night of exquisite erotic extravagance in a Stately Manor…. you’re ready to go.

Champagne flowing and time passing you walk into the main room. Overcome with grandeur, a royal four poster is taking centre stage.

The exquisite smell of history and sex fill your senses.

Without hesitation you’re approached by a handsome couple.. “Would you like to Play ?” is whispered in your ear whilst a cold sensation of champagne glass touches your spine and sends an exciting shiver throughout…"It would be my Pleasure" you answer.

Controlled, warm hands begin to untie the knot and slowly the folds of silk begin to loosen. Your flesh springs into goosebumps as the silk falls to the floor.

Turning your collar so that the buckle sits directly under your chin the silk is now cascading down your back, softly skimming the curves of your buttocks, falling to the floor and caressing ankles.

He pulls a silver chain from his pocket and attaches it to the collar, dribbling it down your stomach then threads it between your legs. Pulling it sharply with a playful action, feeling exposed you wince with pleasure and slight apprehension.

‘It’s ok darling, I’m with you,’  She whispers and slowly leads you to the bed.

With outstretched arms and aching with frustration the silk is taken in hand and brought to the front of your body, carefully making sure it trails across your curves.

Your nipples ache with anticipation, all your senses on alert. With a quick action the silk is taken around your arms, wrapped and spiralling to the wrist. You’re ordered to hold the remaining silk whilst being carefully position on the bed. Your hands are guided to the wooden posts where the silk binding begins.

Your arms are secure. Underwear removed. You submit. 

Kneeling on the bed he dangles the chain, starting at your ankles - it’s cold, burning into your skin, reaching your inner thigh.

Leaning over she kisses you hard…..Instinctively you spread wide.

Let your experience begin. 

Always a Pleasure

Sam x

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