Torture Kittens_ Vice

Darkest Star Sponsor Torture Kittens… a perfect combination

A monthly collaborative event between Torture Garden and Killing Kittens.

Darkest Star are hosting a Pop Up boutique at the monthly event, housed in a luxury London location. Here you will be able try on our collection of leather and tailored harness, perfectly suited to work with latex and fetish fashion. Our silk bondage scarves are ideal for the beginner or more experienced bondage lover alike.

A perfect place to explore your fantasies wether new to bondage or an experienced Pleasure Seeker, this event is certain to tick all the boxes and give you a good spanking ! The first event will be taking place on 27th February at Portland Place, for more information see Torture Kittens.

Images below -  Waisted Tailored Harness, Full Tailored harness and leather harnessed cape are worn over House of Harlot catsuit in collaboration with Darkest Star and Renata Trencanska Head pieces.  All can be ordered and purchased at the event.