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The Chic and the Goddam Dirty

Not many photographers can pull off erotica in a cool & contemporary way, its a thin line to tread but Oliver Rath does it with attitude & style. 

* Hours after posting this blog I've heard the tragic news that Oliver Rath has passed away. I'm beyond gutted for his partner, children, family and our creative world. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him but was elated by him shooting Darkest Star. We have lost a maverick, a unique man.

RIP Oliver X *

When flicking around looking for erotic art I discovered the work of Berlin photographer, Rath … He’s sharp, with a twist of humour and manages to smash the cliches of most erotic photography.

When trying to create an image with sexual content I don’t understand why taste levels drop as quickly as artistic and photographic standards. One thing’s for sure, flesh and suggestion don’t equate to an erotic image in my book. Taste, skill, a cool concept and tight team are imperative to create an image that turns me on. Thank fuck for artists like Rath.

Model wears our Tailored Collar Dress and Gold Cherry Pasties.

 I was confident Oliver would appreciate Darkest Star so I contacted his studio. They got back to me within a couple of days.. One of my most appreciated emails to date was from the Rath gallery telling me that couldn’t wait to shoot our cool shit…

 Totally expectant of him delivering something memorable I wasn’t prepared for his images to encapsulate the dual personas of the Darkest Star women. The Chic and the Goddam Dirty.

Model wears Tailored Harness

 The Virgin and the Whore lie within all of us ... its true, even if you won’t admit it.

Stolen kisses, being swept away versus getting smashed and fucked into oblivion …….

Oliver Rath is a photographer deeply connected to the urban vibe of Berlin, Starting a blog in 2009 he mastered the art of using the format as a tool, showcasing his life, art and growing his loyal following.

Although his first creative foray with photograph was during a job in community service his career destiny would have to wait 6 years as Rath immersed himself in music. First a hip hop DJ at his local radio station, and then in 2003 after receiving a record contract he performed under the name of ‘Al Kaporn” as a rapper. This was an insight into the erotic humour he was later to inject into his photography.

After touring with Culcha Candela in 2007, Al Kaporn started the transition to photography, with a small Lumix digital he started shooting for a friends agency. This was shortly followed by documenting a fashion show for internet blog ‘Fudder’. Rath invested in a professional camera and dedicated himself to photographing every day for a year.

His characterful portraits of celebrities are among the most popular works by the artist. Photographing worldwide celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Tim Raue or Juergen Vogel have already posed for him.

His erotic imagery is contemporary, humorous and edgy. Almost always shot in black and white with a graphic feel. Although erotic art is not his main focus, it’s certainly the most controversial part of Oliver Rath work.

He doesn’t recognise imposed sexual identities; female and male figures are equally represented in his work, and there aren’t any signs of stereotypes …. which is another reason he rocks Darkest Star.

‘Boheme Berlin’ , A book of Rath’s work can be purchased here. A great addition to anyones life

Always a Pleasure


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