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  • "Not Milk' or SFW , the erotic paintings by Ivan Alifan
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"Not Milk' or SFW , the erotic paintings by Ivan Alifan

Ivan Alifan is an artists who’s captured my attention with his series of paintings entitled ‘Not Milk’ .

I discovered his work at the Unit Gallery in Soho. The glossy photo real paintings had me engaged from the moment I discovered them. The sexual undertones drawing me into the subject’s acts of pleasure, imagining skin dripping with a sweet, luscious liquid ...

“This series is an exploration of the modern gaze; of ambiguous figurative paintings that are revealed and transformed within the act of the individuals' views. These portraits are not an attempt to render physical characteristics  but rather create a language of underlying sexual subtexts. Using ambiguity as a tool demands the viewer's exploration of their psyches and provokes self awareness.”

* text taken from www.ivanalifan.com *

Erotic Paintings by Ivan Alifan

A Study of Hands ... 

Firstly the beauty of these paintings struck me, the softness of light, palette and stroke ... emulating the seemingly delicate touch. Then my conscious mind takes over, a feeling of guilt sweeping over me, a natural act tainted by ingrained social disgust, judging all those who masterbate. 

Erotic Art by Ivan Alifan

This is exactly what Alifan intended, feeling uncomfortable whilst revelling in a strangers pleasure. 

Luckily for me the feeling subsides quickly and I'm able to appreciate the paintings for their incredible skill and provocative intent.

Ivan Alifan

Art 'Decriminalising' sex allows those who wouldn't normally see such images a chance to absorb, discuss and hopefully enjoy.

Alifa's technique and ability leaves admiration for inspiring skill and the audacity of tackling such a taboo subject with style and finesse.

Russian born Canadian, Ivan Alifan is a young man, born in '89 and at the start of his career but by anyones standards is already producing Contemporary Erotic Art at its best ...


Let me know what you think

Always a Pleasure

Sam x

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    Sam D'Cruze
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