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  • Immigration ...... Who’s touched you ?
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Immigration ...... Who’s touched you ?

I LOVE how when living in London, walking down Green Lanes to get my weekly tube pass. Going into my local newsagent and finding that I’d left my wallet at home. The owner, Masood said ‘It’s ok, pay me later’. Trusting me.


Illustration by Zehra Hicks for the #drawtogether #pinclusive , brainchild of Nicola Kent.

I LOVE how 10 years later and I still remember Silvia’s kindness, my French pregnancy yoga teacher. Presenting me with a hand painted plate when my baby boy was born. Pictures of children holding hands dancing around the rim.

I LOVE how Edmond our Albanian plumber returns your call within the hour and turns up to meticulously fix the boiler .. bringing warmth back into our home.

I LOVE how when visiting the hospital the joyous banter and smiles of a Jamaican nurse brightens what could be a bleak day.

I LOVE the support of Ron, a German football dad who stands on the side line, rain or shine encouraging the kids to play well. He shakes your hand on each meeting, full of respect and warmth.

I LOVE going the see Michéle, my Italian leatherworker. He’s a craftsman, the hardest working man I know producing beautiful work.

I LOVE Agnes, my Polish friend and one of the most talented seamstresses I’ve ever met, she has a factory in London that is second to none.

I LOVE how I'm passionate about Darkest Star being 'Made in England' and sing the praises of my 'Immigrant' friends working with love, care and pride, bringing value to my customer and our country.

I LOVE going to Reni’s parties, it’s like the United Party Nation … all nationalities, religions and beliefs under one roof having fun, dancing the night away.. as one.

I LOVE the fact I’ve never considered my good friend Ilze an ‘immigrant’, a young ,vibrant and so very talented woman.. a financial advisor with the integrity of Teresa… giving her spare time at the drop of a hat to help the community.

I LOVE how I could go on and on, bore the living daylights out of you with how many ‘immigrants’  touch my life on a daily basis.

I LOVE our country being so multi cultural, ‘these people’ , people of all nationalities bring magic to every corner of our world. Without you even noticing.

I HATE how we as a nation don’t sing the praises of all the wonderful people who’ve chosen England as their home. 

I HATE how the press have painted such an awful picture of ‘these people’ and tainted the word ‘immigrant’.

I’m a LOVER, not a hater …… and am finding it difficult ….  because I HATE what’s happening with this country.

Who's touched your life ??


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    Sam D'Cruze
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