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A Sanctum for any Dark Star

Inspired by the success of our Renaissance Lace Sleeves we've been working on a new collection. I want to give our ladies a strong shoulder line, empowering silhouette, gold, metalic, perforated leather, a splash of colour and lets not forget erotic prints. Excited ? You should be !

But when to launch ? We visualised a fanfare of crazy individuals, wearing what their heart desires, parading and shaking their tail feathers ... Torture Garden I hear you cry ... nearly but not quite ... it could only be LFW. 

Being the exclusive, luxury 'Rock & Roll' brand that we are, there was only one venue for us to privately show our new collection. The Sanctum Soho have been housing the super cool since its inception in 2009.. we felt at home ;)

All bondage Sleeves and neck pieces will be available on our website mid March.

Please email sam@darkeststar.co.uk if you can't wait and need further details.

Lana (Pink Hair) wears Neon Cherry Bomb Sleeves

Zoe (Blonde Hair) wears Gold Distressed Leather Pussy Sleeves

Lana wears Black Perforated Leather Sleeves with ring neck piece.

Zoe wears Metallic Blue Bondage Biker Sleeve and Jade You(re)Style Belt

Lana wears Distressed Gold Biker Sleeves

Zoe wears Black Cherry Bomb Sleeves with Perforated Leather Cravat 


Always a Pleasure 



  • Author avatar
    Sam D'Cruze
  • Bondage FashionErotic Art & Design

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