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Same, Same But Different

I’ve recently come across the term Flexitarian … someone that regularly cuts meat out of their diet. So if I choose once or twice a week to eat salad or pesto pasta I’m not just someone who likes to mix up my meal plan, I’m a flexitarian !

I started noticing labels everywhere and FFS it’s off the scale !

We’re all familiar with Hetro, Homo, Bi Sexual but did you know that a Demisexual is someone who is characterised by a lack of sexual attraction towards any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected?… A Sapiosexual is someone who is attracted by the intellectual qualities of a person and a Pansexual is attracted to many different types of people.

We have Monogamy, Polygamy, Polyamory, Polyandry ..the list goes on 
So obsessed with labelling ourselves I've discovered a site that you can test different personality and sexuality traits … I personally think its a load of old tosh but it’s quite amusing if you’ve got 15 mins to kill.

Gender Fluidity is on everyones lips right now and I’m pleased that we’re addressing and taking tiny steps to normalise the colourful, varied sexual preferences of human nature but why oh why do we need to put someone in a nicely labeled box ? Isn’t it more confusing which box you belong in ? Isn’t there beauty in the simplicity of acceptance ?

During my travels through Asia a phrase commonly used by locals touting a restaurant or being sold to through a bustling market was “Same, Same but different’…. this for me neatly sums it up.

The beauty of photography is through a lens there’s no place for labels, we can see in someones eyes their own uniqueness.

Angel and Woman at Brighton Beach, 1976 Photography by Arlene Gottfried

Here are some projects that celebrate the beauty of life through photography with a bit of nakedness thrown into the mix … I call it Flexysexyography

From a White British Non Religious Bi Curious, Demisexual albeit Monogamous Flexitarian, I suggest we’re all the Same Same but Different !
Always a Pleasure
Sam x
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    Sam D'Cruze
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