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I've never been a Sexhibitionist but have often admired those who are....from afar.

6am, Saturday morning I was rudely awoken by my alarm and then again with a cold shower, but somehow it felt strangely apt if not topsy turvy as I was getting ready for the inaugural Sexhibition.

Arriving at Euston and jumping a Virgin I had a comfortable, direct ride to Manchester. With the sun shining and the promise of an erotic day I was satisfied in the knowledge that sex was on the menu.

It was not a disappointment.

On the main stage the delectable Alix Fox captivated the troop with wit and workshops and the stalls being a menagerie of all things sexy, there was definitely enough to entertain.

In the XXX area I witnessed a scenario that can only be described as comedy gold ... please try and picture the promise of a fire breathing pole dancer. The crowds gathered and we waited ... eventually a voluptuous and very supple lady entered the stage and started to perform. Strutting her stuff and taking a swig from a bottle we all stood back in the anticipation of flames .. to our surprise she proceeded to spray / spit water at the crowd ... the only explanation being that health and safety confiscated the lighter... very funny albeit slightly disturbing !

My favourite finds of the day were - 

www.shirizinn.com - a collection of beautifully hand crafted glass Olisbos (dildo), strap ons with gorgeous embellished skirt harness as well as other pleasure items.

www.beautifultaboo.com - Hand made leather goods made to a really high standard. A collection of lingerie, including a leather 1/4 cup bra which definitely needs a look. One  of their designs had a lovely innovative twist, a neat drawstring that turned a 1/2cup into a 1/4 cup with one swift movement. Rachel, the owner very kindly has offered a 20% discount off all online sales for a limited period using the discount code BTSEX20.

www.ladiesofnoir.com - I don't know too much about the photographer but their gallery caught my eye.

The highlight of the day was seeing the gorgeous Killing Kitten girls which we have the pleasure of dressing... always good fun.

My only disappointment was I missed an incredibly sexy night with the Skirt Club girls .... but there's always the 3rd of October, so I've been told !!

If you went to Sexhibition I'd love to know what you think.

Always a Pleasure
Sam x

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    Sam D'Cruze
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