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Introducing A Burning Desire

I’ve never been to burning man, its been on my to do list for a long while. Like many experiences worth their weight in gold it takes effort and determination to get yourself tickets and organised.

Unfortunately there’s no surprise it’s one that slips the net year after year. Let’s just say I’ll be really hacked off with myself if I don’t make it at some point, especially while I can still party the night away with more than a whisper of hedonism… 

For those with their head in the sand, BM is a week long annual event that began in San francisco’s Baker Beach but in 1986 moved to the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nivada. It begins on the last Monday in August and lasts a week. It takes its name from the the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy, which is set alight on Saturday evening. Celebrating art, radical self-expression and total self-reliance. The community works together to create a wonderfully creative environment of harmony and spiritual awareness.

'You hear that Burning Man is full of less-than-fully-clad folks and off-label pharmaceuticals. But that’s like saying Bohemian Grove is about peeing on trees or that Chicago is Al Capone territory. Burning Man is cleaner and greener than a rally for solar power. It has more camaraderie and sense of community than a church social. And for a week in the desert, I witnessed more individual expression, alternative lifestyles and imaginative fashion than .... anywhere.’ written by Grover Norquist from The Guardian, see link below for full article

Suitably I’d like to introduce my good friend Renata Trencanska. You’ll probably recognise her, she’s been our model for last 5 seasons and the face of Darkest Star. Equally beautiful in soul as looks, a free spirit and inspiring designer it's no wonder Burning Man has been scribed in her diary for the past three years. 

Renata captured here with her equally gorgeous partner in crime and fiancè at last years BM.

Renata is a skilled leather worker with an exquisite eye for balance and form. Dedicated to the empowerment of women and sexuality her designs are unquestionably works of art. Hand made pieces will be exclusively available from her soon to be published website.... I'll let you know when its up and ready to go.

Renata’s work is featured in an exhibition celebrating 'The Art of Burning Man’ by NK Guy at 'Lights of Soho" bar in Brewer Street, London. 


If you're a frequent attendee or enthusiastic Burning Man daydreamer the fact the mere mention draws you in and awakens your curiosity, I would speculate that you're of a certain disposition.

You"re probably experiencing a wider outlook than the 2.4 and 9 to 5, you don't mind a bit of rough i.e. sand in all the wrong places and spending time with like minded people listening to awesome music is high on your priority list.

So when you get a room full of these people together to enjoy and celebrate art and unity of mindset there's only one thing thats going to happen... a welcoming, hedonistic and totally awesome party ...... and after the exhibition that's exactly what happened ! 

Always a pleasure

Sam x

PS  Here's some Burning Man stories that will hopefully inspire a journey that you’ll never forget and BTW… if you need a personal designer, costume maker, alterations expert or bag carrier … I’m your girl !
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    Sam D'Cruze
  • Bondage FashionLovePleasure Seekers

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  • Aug 15, 2015

    Thinking of the commitment that is Burning Man when you live far away – have you considered going to a more local Burn? There are a heap of them around Europe, including one or two in the UK! It’s the same community, but closer to home (and most of them are pretty easy to get tickets to as well) :D

    — Nyx

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