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With My Body

I’m writing whilst looking over turquoise waters and sun kissed bodies… yes it’s holiday time and let me tell you I’m feeling the heat !

Everyone needs a holiday romance. Stealing moments to be together, hijacked thoughts of what might become. 

This year my lover is ‘With my Body’ by Nikki Gemmell. Described by Vogue as ‘The story of one woman sexual re-awakening’ it’s a novel that I can’t put down nor recommend highly enough. An Addictively evocative memoir of electrical erotic encounters and lost love. One particular scene is so amazingly sexy that repeat reading has left my retinas embossed and it firmly placed in my top ten fantasies.

Nikki has written five novels including the international best seller The Bride Striped Bare which was my first taste of Gemmell and definitely worth a read.

Until recently she lived and worked with her husband in London and worked as a successful journalist for the mail on Sunday’s you magazine. She has now returned with her family to her native Australia.


A sexy snippet of the With my Body by Nikki Gemmell -

Gently, so gently but with firm authority, like a doctor before an operation, he lies you, belly down, on the couch. Your buttocks are placed over the roll of it’s arm. He trills his fingers up and down your back, then your thighs, dipping inside, further and further, soft and you lift your arse, out, up - have to. His hands help you, his knowing hands, you open yourself out, groan, it’s unbearable, you want him, here, now, so much.

You are left alone. Your body keeps pulsing, opening out. Then you hear another noise, the sound of a belt being taken off, trousers unzipped.

In the room.

With you.

Who ? You don’t know, who else, how many…………

Always a Pleasure
Sam x
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    Sam D'Cruze
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