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Mini Minx

It's not often I get invited to a private members club for bi-curious women...intrigued and naturally inquisitive of course I jumped at the chance.

Once again I returned to the very cool 'Looking Glass Cocktail Club' in Shoreditch, this time last year I attended  'Smut Cinema', a night of erotic film and live performance. Tonight I walked through the mirrored door to be greeted by Renée our charismatic hostess, avid in making me feel like one of the girls I was acquainted with a perfectly lit room of women perched on leather couches, sipping cocktails and happily mingling. I don't want to wish my life away but Christ I'm looking forward to whats in store next year !

As a tempter this monthly event is a smaller gathering aptly named 'Mini Skirt, perfect for breaking the ice, calming the nerves and getting to know some of the attendees before the more illustrious Skirt Club parties. Upcoming in May, Dark Days of Decadence, the 'Crinoline' of parties will be set in a West London town house, secret in location and whispered to be truly opulent. This is where I'll be introducing the ladies to Darkest Star, and from what was divulged they'll be reciprocating the introduction of something equally luxurious, unitimidating and incredibly sexy.

Immediately I recognised a friend, grabbed a cocktail and joined the conversation which quickly turned to 'Orgasmic Massage', instantly I was in my comfort zone.

We were entertained by a cheeky burlesque performance and a lighthearted presentation surrounding the history of female bisexuality. Including a collection of photographs dating back to the early Victorian era.... and let me tell you those girls meant business. Fascinating stuff that I'll look deeper into another time.

After the entertainment I was joined by a good friend of mine who happened to know one of the girls, an experienced member of the Skirt Club. She advised me on what to expect in May, stories of tequila body shots but mostly the tipping point of when a sophisticated drinks night turns into entwined nakedness.

Skirt Club was set up in 2014 by Geneviève LeJeune, having attended “play parties” with a male ex. She soon realised she was doing things for his pleasure, not her own. ‘Sexual empowerment is not about turning your boyfriend on with another girl’ she says. ‘It’s about doing what excites you’.

And let me tell you... Dark Days of Decadence sounds exciting!

If you're thinking about attending a Skirt Club event the Mini is the perfect place to start. Good fun and totally unintimidating the ladies were all approachable, welcoming and easy to talk to. 

"If you’re feeling even the slightest bit of curiosity, I encourage you to give it a shot. I’ve never worked with a client who felt bad about exploring their sexuality, but I have worked with plenty who expressed regret for never experimenting. As long as you’re thoughtful and respectful, the worst possible outcome is that you discover your fantasies aren’t nearly as exciting in reality." Vanessa Marin @VMTHERAPY bustle.com

 For information go to  www.skirtclub.co.uk   twitter.com/skirt_club   Facebook.com/skirtclub

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    Sam D'Cruze
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