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  • The Jewel in Mc Queen's Crown
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The Jewel in Mc Queen's Crown

Le Boutique Bazaar... the best shopping experience in London Town.

Set in 'Mc Queen', a Shorditch bar celebrated for it's Chic Noir decor and Erotic Photography.

You'd be forgiven to assume the venue's named after the Master of Fashion, however it's a pleasant surprise to see Steve straddling his machine on black varnished walls. A venue I'm sure he'd be proud.

An alternative shopping experience organised by Wasted Chic and Torture Garden not only draws an eclectic mix of top draw designers but is fast becoming an event to shop, be seen and hang out. With a good mix of slouchy sunday shoppers and fetish fashionistas the crowd are friendly and fun. A perfect destination if you're looking for something non high street or haven't quite finished your Saturday night out.

Torture Garden DJ's set the ambiance whilst latex lovers sip cocktails. There's also a photography corner in the Kinky Boudoir downstairs where portraits are taken. This is where I was exhibiting our 'Blow Your Bondage Cherry' collection and bondage pillows. The event is always good to us with a lot of love for Darkest Star.

Organisers Alex & Charlotte run events throughout the year, all information and loads of really cool pictures of the event can be found on the Le Boutique Bazaar Face Book page.

 I look forward to seeing you at the next one !

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    Sam D'Cruze
  • Bondage FashionErotic Art & DesignPleasure Seekers

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