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  • Why I'd pay for an Orgasm
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Why I'd pay for an Orgasm

I've never had a full body Orgasm or not that I'm aware of. I'm presuming I'd know.

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed some earth moving moments in my time but after doing a little research into Tantra, more specifically Tantric massage I get the impression that the practice goes beyond anything that I've ever experienced.

I decided to investigate the subject after scooting around the net one evening and stumbled across a London based massage parlour offering not only Tantric but Erotic, Nuro, Yoni (Sanskrit term for vagina) and the old favourite 'Happy Ending' massage. Being a Yoga lover and having a moderate understanding of it's teachings it bemused me that I was looking at a menu that included a sacred teaching alongside a relaxing but nevertheless oil drenched hand job. All given by beautiful girls that are photographed to look like they're equally suited to a soft porn set. 

My question is, has the practice or term been highjacked by erotic massage parlours? And please understand I don't think there's anything wrong with going to these establishments, in my opinion they have a worthwhile place within the community, whatever floats your boat. So you buy into tantric massage, do you want your divine energy awakened by someone who understands the spiritual path to sexual enlightenment, or just de-stress from a busy day with the help of a beautiful man or woman with no strings attached? Does each approach ammount to the same thing just packaged and marketed differently to appeal to varying customers?

My research has led me to believe that the roots of Tantra go back to ancient India, 500AD. A practice in which one works to awaken the divine energy know as Kundalini. A coiled energy which rests at the base of the spine, lying within every human being, waiting to be aroused. Awakening the Kundalini has been likened to spiritual enlightenment. Traditionally there are two methods of achieving this heightened state, by oneself either meditating or practicing yoga whilst the passive approach requires a teacher to awaken the energy within a student. Tantra was introduced to the Western world towards the end of the eighteenth century and has increased in popularity since the 60's. Now commonly named Neotantra it's an umbrella term referring to any aspect of sacred sexuality.

I once encountered something I can only describe as a near spiritual experience after a yoga session taught by an accomplished teacher. Walking home, for a fleeting moment I felt like I could fly...seriously, for a split second I was light, elated, invincible, almost as if my feet where lifting off the ground, a beautiful rare moment, one I'll always remember and work towards having again. Moments like these take dedication, hard work and results aren't guaranteed. I like the idea of intimate touch that's free from sexual intention. To take the passive approach and invite a professional / teacher into my private space to show me the way to a deeper understanding of my intimate body. A teaching I can take home to my partner and our bedroom.

The only way I'm going to get more of an understanding is to give it a go.. a practitioner has been recommended by a good and knowledgeable friend. I'll conclude my thoughts with an experience that I hope to be another positive step on my 'Pleasure Seeking' journey.

If you have anything to add, knowledge, advice, recommendations or would like to share your own experiences I'd love to hear from you.

Always a Pleasure


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    Sam D'Cruze
  • LovePleasure SeekersSex Talk

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