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#Tiedupintalk Round 2 Wrapped Up

Our second #Tiedupintalk has successfully come and gone.

I was interested to discover during my weeks of rallying up the troops that we are less willing to talk about sexual experimentation than we are about our journey to sexual confidence. I don't know why this came as a surprise as of course it's a very personal thing.

We talked about sexual experimentation and how to broach the subject. It proceeded our first discussion on sexual confidence perfectly. Confidence in yourself and  your sexual desires doesn't alway come naturally, let alone discussing a kinky penchant with a partner. Luckily we had Noëlle from erotic online boutique Bedroom Bondage on board. With years of experience advising people how to speak to their partners about trying something new, from mild to extreme scenario's, Noëlle was the perfect person to ask a multitude of questions.

For those who are wanting to try something new but can't muster up the courage Noëlle suggested writing a note. Getting it down on paper means you can say exactly what you feel. How nice for your lover to have a little read whilst enduring a commute home..that would relieve the boredom for sure! Our good friend @Tamarstylist suggested dropping notes throughout the week, building up anticipation ready for that all so exciting Friday night !

Here are a selection of tit bits from the discussion.

We discovered that @Violetblue 's "Fetish Sex' is a must read for anyone wanting to introduce their partner to a new kink.

For those who have already experimented @BedroomBondage suggests with a BDSM or Kink checklist, partners can easily show the other what they prefer.

If you want to introduce a certain kink start by watching some porn featuring your specific fetish. That way you'll be able to judge the reaction of your partner before getting into the nitty gritty.

Fancy a threesome but aren't ready to take the plunge? You can 'role-play a threesome' , @BedroomBondage explained that by blindfolding your partner and mimicking several pairs of hands by touching at different places in quick succession you can satisfy and enjoy the fantasy.

@ryan28801 made a very good point of if you never ask , you'll never know!

A good starting point is light bondage, blindfolds, cuffs and a Wartenberg Wheel. Hadn't heard of it myself but apparently it's just like a tracing wheel. I've got a couple in the studio so my fella had better watch out!

Communication as always is key, don't be afraid to express yourself, start slowly and as our Beautifully Undressed friend @BUndressed concluded that it has to be fun or just don't go there!

Join us on March 2nd for a fun chat about which music gets you in the mood. Do you go hard cord when wearing latex? Does Bazza White come out on Valentines day? When your partner walks through the door to the sound of Amy Winehouse do they know they're in for a treat?

Tweet me a You Tube. I want to hear the music of your love! Make a list of all your favourite tunes that do it for you, pick out the lyrics that touch your core.


A Pleasure as always.



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    Sam D'Cruze
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  • Feb 11, 2014

    Sam, you did a great job at rounding up the Twitter chat, and thank you so much for having me. I really had great fun that night, and I look forward to the next one. I’d love to join the conversation on setting the mood with music..

    — Noëlle @ Bedroom Bondage

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