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  • How would you wear yours ? A conversation with London based stylist Boo Attwood
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How would you wear yours ? A conversation with London based stylist Boo Attwood

Boo Attwood is a London based fashion stylist and creative consultant with over 10 years experience in the industry. She is also currently working as Accessories Stylist for Vantage Magazine.

I had the privilege of meeting Boo whilst she was styling for luxury erotic specialists 'Box of Grey'.  Boo has gracefully taken on the Darkest Star style challenge of integrating our pieces into an everyday wardrobe.  Creating five strong silhouettes that are easily worn on a night out, cleverly concealing the true nature of Darkest Star products … to be Tied up in Style.  We're also very lucky to be given some top styling tips on 'How to wear underwear as outerwear', 'What to wear on a hot date' amongst other pearls of styling wisdom.


"Ok, so you're going on a hot date, what do you wear ? Do you go with an outfit that turns you on or your partner?"

 "I tend to choose an outfit by the occasion so, if it's a hot date, then I'll opt for clothing that not only I look and feel good in but also something that is bound to catch my date's eye - perhaps a sleeveless cutout shirt that flashes a bit of bra or a slinky knee-length dress with a low back as I find this part of the body so sensuous."

Harness Kimono worn over high waisted disco pants.

 "Wearing underwear as outer if very on trend at the moment , are there any rules to getting it right?"

"The trick to keeping underwear as outwear looking classy is by opting for pieces with clean, simple lines and not too much fuss or detail as this could cheapen the overall look. Sheer chiffon fabrics, silks, french lace and leather detailing are always strong choices and generally work well when mixing across with pieces from your wardrobe."

Leather Bondage Sleeves with collar and sheer silk scarf teamed with vintage flapper skirt.

 "If you were going to wear one of our pieces which would it be and how would you wear it ? Is there a place in your wardrobe / life for bondage?"

"I would choose your Most Excellent piece as I love the way it works as a cape when teamed with a killer LBD, as seen on model Reni with one of the looks I put together. There is most definitely a place for bondage in my wardrobe/life - I really like how just a hint of classy, well-placed bondage instantly injects fresh appeal to clothing that could otherwise look run-of-the-mill and safe."

Mix textures with the Most Excellent Collar worn as a cape or cravat.

"Sex and fashion have always been bosom buddies, what's the easiest way to sex up your day to evening outfit ?"

"A great pair of heels and The Hard Times Belt would be sure to inject some serious sex appeal into your day outfit, transforming it into an incredible evening look. I tend to go for a strong, structured look with clean, simple lines so keeping the accessories sharp and expensive-looking works wonders."

Leather Sleeves and Hard Times belt adds edginess to any Little Black Dress.

"As a round up what are your  Top 3 Boo Atwood Styling Tips ?"

Play around with different styles until you find a particular one that suits you. Then stick to it. That's not to say you shouldn't add new and different pieces to your capsule wardrobe each season to ensure variety and interest. 

Be sure to draw inspiration from magazines, websites and the people around you. The more you immerse yourself in fashion/style the more your learn about what you like and what ultimately works for you. Every day with my work, I see how the right clothing gives the wearer a new-found confidence. 

Don't scrimp on quality of fabric or cut. As the saying goes: buy cheap, buy twice!

Spring/Summer Back2Basics scarf… coming soon...worn a variety of ways and keeping it fresh.

For any more information on Boo's amazing styling please go to booattwoodstylist.com


Always a Pleasure



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