Mise en Cage, Le luxe érotique

Darkest Star loves to celebrate other fantastic and inspiring designers, our #WomanCrushWednesday this week is Florence Abelin, founder of Mise en Cage, Le luxe érotique.

The fine print of their home page declares that Mise en Cage is a Parisian brand dedicated to Couture Lingerie Luxury and Erotic Accessories. This simple and bold statement perfectly encapsulates their brand and aesthetic. Discovering their private Paris boutique is like being welcomed by a warm and naughty hostess, saying unto you, “Won’t you please come in and play?”

Mise en Cage logo, subject to copyright

Carrying a broad range of erotic accessories, instruments of pleasure, and hard-to-find lingerie labels, the brand prides itself on the exclusivity and quality of its products. The other labels that Mise en Cage carries – Bordelle, Tatu Couture, and Très Bonjour to name a few – in addition to their in-house collection, are a celebration of pleasure and intimacy. Their intent is to inspire lovers to build their romance and erotic life together.

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