• Butcherei Lindinger, The Leathermen Haute Couture of Berlin
  • Ashly Priest

Butcherei Lindinger, The Leathermen Haute Couture of Berlin

Nestled amongst similar fetish shops in the notorious Schöneberg neighborhood, Butcherei Lindinger appears at first glance just another store offering kink and erotica to the gay district of Berlin. Upon closer inspection you will find artisans in the leather trade, crafting fantastical couture for private clients. Couture in its realest sense – made to order, and limited only by the specifications, imagination, and budget of the patron.

Butcherei Lindinger Logo (Butcherei Lidinger)

Butcherei Lindinger contains all of the usual trappings of any kink shop; a vast array of lubes, ball gags and restraints, but there is more going on here than meets the eye. The owner and leather master Marc Lindinger creates custom pieces out of his cellar atelier below the shop floor. With the support of his business partner Oliver Eiermann, Lindinger crafts detailed fetish-wear for his private clients. Some mundane – basic leather chaps – and others elaborate, like the designs he works on for the "leather daddy of luxury," Peter Marino.

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  • Ashly Priest